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For almost 30 years I have been a musician: like most of us, I started out as an amateur, before developing my professional career. From studying and playing oboe mostly in the Netherlands, I have focussed on conducting for the last 15 years now, currently holding a position as conductor of a professional orchestra in Munich, Germany. Having studied both music and business economics, I have somehow always acknowledged that having a strong network in the musical world is of vital importance. I strongly believe that besides having musical and social skills, this is one of our biggest assets as musicians. This goes for professional freelance musicians trying to make a decent living, as well as for strongly motivated amateurs, who love to play in different projects.


To be or not to be... on someone's list


In real life it means this: Being on someone's 'phone list' in spreadsheet or even a booklet. Imagine being a music student, switching from one city to another to do a master study, some thousand-something kilometers away. Bye-bye network! In the age of the internet and social networks this seemed very strange to me for quite a while. In the fall of 2018, my wife Loes - a project manager at one of the biggest companies in The Netherlands – and I started thinking of an easier way for both amateurs and professionals to get good projects. MusicAgent.org was born: a network where professionals and amateurs can find and be found by organizations such as symphony orchestras, big bands, choirs, wind bands, music schools, rock bands, etc... After signing up and adding skills, the work for freelancers is done. For organizations, the idea of finding many qualified musicians in one location is very appealing as well, as it saves them time and, thus, money. These organizations can easily post a project and the system notifies qualified freelancers. We think it's a great idea!


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Jos Zegers & Loes Balk


Company Founders at MusicAgent.org

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